May 2006. Bulletin Informativo Hidromar #21


Rod seal Install Tool

This new tool allows you to install any kind or rod seal into hard to access housings, due that it gives the seal the optimum shape to be introduced, and later handled to be correctly installed, thanks to the tool’s depth, being able to introduce the seal into housings up to 100 mm deeper, that’s up to twice bigger than other existing tools.
Thanks to its main axe, it allows the install of any kind of rod seal without any damage. You should only choose your install tool from any of available sizes.
Thanks to its robust design and construction, there is no risk to loose any part of the tools.
Easy-to-use. You’ll be ready to install any kind of rod seal in just 2 steps to be installed correctly, without any damage into any housing.

rod seal install tool


util 020
util 035
util 050
Sizes range/section (In mm)
P.T.F.E. composite seal
Due its construction, allows you the installation of this kind of seal, in some sizes. It is advisable the installation of composite seals with this tool. This takes more importance in small sizes in order to avoid the stress given to the seal while installing.
Due its construction, V-Packings can be hard to install. This takes more importance in compact ones, style AM. V-Rings can be easilly damaged during install due to its small section. In this case, it is advisable to be installed using an install tool.
U-Lip seal
The most typical use of this tool are U-lip seals. This tool can be used also with compact seal and spring energised U-Seal. All this makes the tool a must-have when installing any kind of seals.



100 tools sets (300 tools) only 25€/set*
Ask for different quantity

*Offer valid untill July 2006 or end of stock. This quote doesn't include taxes nor shipment.

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  • New profile guide system is ready. Now it is working within our mainweb page from wich,and dinamically, you can get information about the most used style of seals.
  • The new cathalogue is ready to download by seal style, to get this, you should follow the link included in the cataloue page. This system will be encharged in sending you, via e-mail, a file including the most updated information related to the seals you check.

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